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Shelly’s Perspective: Tardive Dyskinesia Can Make Me Feel Judged

Shelly is a real patient living with tardive dyskinesia. In this podcast, Shelly tells Dr Nasrallah how tardive dyskinesia has shaped her relationships with others.
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Beyond Movement: Appreciating the Social Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia

Patients say that TD can be embarrassing, and some report a social impact, The experts highlight the social impact of tardive dyskinesia.
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"We Need to Look, We Need to Ask." Spotting Tardive Dyskinesia in Practice

Dr Mattingly and Tammy LeBlanc-Russo get real about discussing tardive dyskinesia with their patients. They highlight the importance of initiating conversations.
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“Are You Really Okay?” How Tardive Dyskinesia Affects Day-to-Day

“Are You Really Okay?” That's the question that Dr Mattingly and Tammy LeBlanc-Russo encourage you to explore when asking your patients with tardive dyskinesia about their daily lives and emotional well-being.
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360-Degree Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia: Functional, Emotional, and Social Impact

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Functional Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia

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Prevalence and Incidence of Tardive Dyskinesia

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Impact of Tardive Dyskinesia on Broader Mental Well-Being

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Cumulative Burden of Illness in Veterans With Tardive Dyskinesia and Serious Mental Disorders

Dr Greg Mattingly reviews a retrospective study published by Dr Stanley Caroff and colleagues evaluating the risk and burden of tardive dyskinesia among veterans with serious mental illness.
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