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Screening for Tardive Dyskinesia: Best Practices in Person, Over Video, or via Telephone

Listen in as Dr Greg Mattingly and psychiatric nurse practitioner Michelle Shamblin share their clinical experiences with tardive dyskinesia and discuss best practices for tardive dyskinesia screening.
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Tardive Dyskinesia "Screen Time": Best Screening Practices in Person, Over Video, or via Telephone

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Guidelines and Consensus on Screening and Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia

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Helpful Practices for Tardive Dyskinesia Care via Telemedicine

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Risk Factors for Tardive Dyskinesia — Is My Patient at Higher Risk?

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The MIND-TD Questionnaire

​The MIND-TD questionnaire can help clinicians facilitate a dialogue about abnormal movements with patients at risk for tardive dyskinesia.
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The Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS): Understanding the What, Why, When, and How

A resource on the AIMS. What is it? Why do we do it? When should we do it? And how can we conduct the AIMS in a diverse patient population?
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Tardive Dyskinesia: A Look Into My Practice

This interactive resource emphasizes the importance of informed tardive dyskinesia care and provides guidance at each stage of the patient journey: whom to screen for tardive dyskinesia, how to screen, and how to follow up. This hypothetical patient journey is intended to provide general information and is not representative of all patient experiences.
Interact Now | 5-min interaction

MIND-TD Telehealth Exam: See Tardive Dyskinesia

Dr Jain provides clear directions in order to conduct a successul screening exam in the video telehealth setting.
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Expert Commentary: Differentiate Tardive Dyskinesia

Bonus feature! Watch a clinical conversation between 2 experts as they discuss specific observations following the administration of the MIND-TD Questionnaire.
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Expert Commentary: The Power of M-I-N-D

Bonus feature! Two experts discuss how just 4 simple questions can be useful for identifying patients who might be experiencing abnormal movements.
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Screening for Tardive Dyskinesia via Telehealth With The MIND-TD Questionnaire

Watch as Dr Rakesh Jain and psychiatric nurse practitioner Desiree Matthews demonstrate the use of the MIND-TD Questionnaire via audio-only and video telehealth appointments.
Watch Now | 26-min watch

MIND-TD Telehealth Exam: Listen for Tardive Dyskinesia

Imagine you have a telehealth appointment with a patient, but there is no access to a video. Dr Jain demonstrates how you can listen for abnormal movements.
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“Reel” Insight Into the AIMS

Watch as a multidisciplinary panel of experts provides guidance on conducting the AIMS exam in various patient settings. Within this series of 7 short videos, watch as HCPs conduct an AIMS exam with 2 unique patients with tardive dyskinesia. Explanations for scoring and interpretation are provided.
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2 Minutes to Spot Tardive Dyskinesia

Desiree Matthews demonstrates how to screen for TD in only 2 minutes by using the MIND portion of the MIND-TD Questionnaire.
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