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Differential Diagnosis

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Differential Diagnosis

Making a Diagnosis of Tardive Dyskinesia

Listen in as Dr Richard Trosch and Dr Cynthia Comella, both movement disorder specialists, discuss their approaches to recognizing tardive dyskinesia in their patients.
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Tardive Dyskinesia: Understanding How and Why it Happens — A Conversation Between Psychiatry and Neurology

Listen in as Dr Stuart Isaacson and Dr Rakesh Jain discuss the neurobiology of tardive dyskinesia and contrast it with that of drug-induced parkinsonism.
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Tardive Dyskinesia vs Drug-Induced Parkinsonism: Know the Difference to Make a Difference

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Key Differences Between Tardive Dyskinesia and Drug-Induced Parkinsonism

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Tardive Dyskinesia Differential Diagnosis Slide Library for Clinicians in Training

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Tardive Dyskinesia Differential Diagnosis Slide Library

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Tardive Dyskinesia Differential Diagnosis Poster

This poster presents an overview of symptoms associated with tardive dyskinesia and differentiates them from symptoms associated with drug-induced parkinsonism.
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A Modified Delphi Consensus Study of the Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia

Dr Rakesh Jain reviews an article presenting expert consensus on best practices for tardive dyskinesia screening, diagnosis, and treatment, from a panel of 23 psychiatrists and 6 neurologists.
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Neuronal Traffic Signals in Tardive Dyskinesia: Not Enough "Stop" in the Motor Striatum

Dr Leslie Citrome presents a journal article written by Dr Stephen Stahl that reviews the proposed neurobiology of tardive dyskinesia.
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